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Susanne Wittig, Gründerin von Impact Relation, im Beratungsgespräch

We empower and guide organizations throughout their impact and sustainability journey.

Solving your Sustainability Challenges

Master the change by being part of the solution.

We live in times of the fastest transition society has ever experienced. Climate change, biodiversity loss, supply chain risks, inequality, regulatory requirements and many more lead to an environment of uncertainties.


While often outside the the core business and existing expertise, these challenges are significantly influencing decision making. Investors, customers, employees, the regulator and other stakeholders are asking for solutions.


We are convinced:
Organizations which see opportunities in sustainablity challenges and provide solutions will ensure long-term success.

Your potential

Turning your Sustainability
Challenges into Opportunities


Your challenge?

You are losing customers because you are not fulfilling their sustainable procurement criteria? Financing is getting more challenging because investors are looking for ESG criteria?

Your opportunity!

Investors and clients will reward companies that provide solutions to global challenges and integrate profit, planet and society.

Our Services

For SMEs, family offices and start-ups



  • Purpose & vision of a sustainable organization

  • Activation measures & sensitization throughout the organization

  • Talent & leadership development



  • Integrated communication strategy

  • Stakeholder targeted communication tools

  • Support with sustainability & impact reporting



  • Strategy workshops (status assessment & gap analysis, defining fields of action, target setting, etc.)

  • Stakeholder involvement

  • Activity & implementation plan

  • Project management support



  • Sustainability driven innovation workshops

  • Access to relevant start-ups

  • For start-ups access to paying customers

  • Product-market-fit support

  • Activation of ecosystem (startups, companies, investors, public sector & philanthropy)

  • Identification and management of partnerships along the value chain 





  • Assessment of sustainability associated risks

  • Mitigation strategy

  • Implementation support


Our Approach

We see ourselves as purpose-driven visionaries and entrepreneurial implementers

We're driven by a big vision...

... while being
hands-on executers

For more than a decade we have developed and implemented entrepreneurial solutions and new business models for impact & sustainability challenges.


With simple tools and frameworks we identify your challenges and work with you hands-on to develop and implent solutions.


Let’s FIND OUT how sustainability can create value for you and your stakeholders.

Visionär, Foto von Chang Duong

We genuinely complement...

... your expertise

You are the expert of your business and industry, we are the experts of sustainable transformation and impact.


With a fresh perspective we work together with you and your team in a way needed - be it in a longterm mandate, as interim manager, in one-to-one mentoring or in form of workshops on specific topics.


Let's FIND OUT together what your needs are.

Susanne Wittig, Gründerin von Impact Relation, im Gespräch mit Elke Guhl, Netzwerk-Partnerin

We believe collaboration is...

... the super power
of humanity

The complexity of the of sustainability challenges often demands collaboration along value chains and across sectores.


With sustainability at the core of your buisness new conversations and partnerships bring new opportunities.


Let's FIND OUT how our ecosystem spanning across all sectors can be leveraged to create value.

Dachdecker im Einsatz, Foto von Randy Fath
Our clients value us as out of the box thinkers, sparring partners and hands-on executers.
About us

About us

We partner with multidisciplinary experts and a network of organizations providing impact & sustainability solutions

Susanne Wittig, Gründerin Impact Relation
Susanne Wittig

Founder & CEO

  • LinkedIn

Strategy, Sustainability & Impact

Value creation through sustainability is my conviction, impact my passion.

I am dedicated to support SMEs and startups on their sustainability and impact journeys by leveraging my experience of the past 20 years in strategy, business development, sustainability and impact models as well as my networks across all sectors.

Daniel Naeff, Netwerk-Partner Impact Relation

As a tech entrepreneur I bring in my expertise to leverage digital innovation and the potential of AI to drive sustainability practices of SMEs and drive the growth of impact strat-ups.

Daniel Naeff

Network Partner

Sustainability & Communications

  • LinkedIn

Venture & AI

Elke Guhl, Netzwerk-Partnerin Impact Relation

My heart is digital and my soul is strategic transformation.
With more than 25 years of international experience in management, digital transformation, purpose and branding (e.g. Henkel, eBay, Swiss Life, Migros, Brainforest), I am driven to serve customer needs through relevant innovation while creating measurable impact.

Elke Guhl

Network Partner

Strategy, Purpose & Transformation

  • LinkedIn
Martina Bühler, Netwerk-Partnerin Impact Relation

My passion is to boost impact startups and sustainability endeavours of SMEs through strategic business development, marketing and effective communication.

For that purpose, I leverage more than 10 years of hands-on experience in sales, marketing and branding within the fast-paced startup and SME setting.

Martina Bühler

Network Partner

  • LinkedIn

Sustainability & Communications

Mariana Christen Jakob

Network Partner

  • LinkedIn

Impact Strategy, Measurement & Investment

My passion lies in the impact startups ecosystem, in impact measurement and impact investing. With my company SEIF - Driving Impact Innovation, we play an important role to move the impact topic out of the niche.
As a former professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Lucerne I could build on my background in sustainable development and social innovation in research and education.   

Susanne Wittig, Gründerin Impact Relation, beratet Unternehmen rund um Nachhaltigkeit & Impact

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