IMPACT RELATION enables companies to advance business models and practices to ensure long- term value for themselves, their stakeholders as well as for society at large.


We live in times of the fastest transition society has ever experienced. Forces such as climate change, migration, or demographic change result in a macroscopic shift. While outside the traditional private market expertise, these forces are significantly influencing its decision making. Companies which understand and see market opportunities in these challenges will ensure long- term success. With new perspectives, stakeholder involvement and a mindset of collaboration, new business models become possible and innovation will be stimulated. Investors and clients will reward companies that start early to make the most out of these opportunities. Employees will be energized and motivated by purpose, the best talents will be attracted. Risk can be mitigated and resources managed more efficiently. IT IS ABOUT DOING GOOD BUSINESS AND DOING GOOD AT THE SAME TIME.

Master the change. Become part of the solution.


IMPACT RELATION enables you to develop and implement innovative strategies and business models which embed positive societal impact. We help foster the required mindset and change in perspective and facilitate your stakeholder engagement. Our offerings can range from moderation of dialogues and workshops to long-term advisory engagements.


IMPACT RELATION starts with you: What are your strategic business priorities? What vision do you have for your company? What processes are in place to continuously drive innovation? What are the core competencies of your company? What is your sustainability strategy? How do you contribute towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? How far do you want to go?

According to your needs we set up a suitable assessment to identify gaps while focusing on opportunities.

Sensing and Learning

Based on the results of the deep Listening phase, IMPACT RELATION sets up a roadmap with the tools and programs that catalyze a collaborative mindset and shift in perspectives. We raise awareness and increase knowledge in your company about global challenges relevant in your business context, and about business models that create both economic value and social impact.

Immersive learning journeys, awareness creating workshops and retreats can be part of the process. Employees will be empowered to pass on the experience and learnings to other employees in a “train-the-trainer” concept.

Shaping and implementing

We facilitate your exchange with relevant stakeholders, explore new forms of collaboration and decision-making processes to ultimately co-create business solutions to serve you, your stakeholders and society at large. Energized by purpose your company will be positioned for the future.

While drawing from our global network of practitioners, we refer to our hands-on entrepreneurial experience, different theoretical frameworks, and a toolbox of proven methods such as human- centred management methods and creativity processes.


Our work is guided by trust, authenticity, and collaboration. Our approach is customized and targeted, bringing in diverse perspectives and working with a network of experts.

Personalized and agile

As a Swiss-based specialized company with access to global networks, IMPACT RELATION responds to your individual needs and acts with agility. We start small, move fast, and develop quickly towards the best results.

Diverse and focused

Innovation is key! For innovation to happen, diversity and collaboration are essential. IMPACT RELATION brings in experts with diverse backgrounds, but one vision: Innovation, financial sustainability, and societal impact drive the future of business.

Determined and passionate

IMPACT RELATION is deeply committed to finding solutions for your business’s and our world’s challenges and is determined to deliver towards both.

Founder and CEO Susanne Wittig

Susanne Wittig

I founded IMPACT RELATION after more than a decade of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, from where I bring in a strong business acumen combined with a deep understanding of the social and environmental space. As such, I am highly convinced of the power of business to contribute to solving our global challenges by deploying its resources, skills, and innovation power to ensure long-term economic success and value for society at large.

My strategy, marketing, and leadership skills – paired with hands-on experience working with leading social entrepreneurs nationally and internationally – provide valuable knowledge and expertise for developing integrated business and social impact strategies.

To fully serve your needs, I work with experts in various fields and can draw on my national and international professional networks.

As a person, I am highly committed and deeply passionate about connecting diverse perspectives, building bridges, and fostering collaboration for a larger good!

Dr. Mathias Terheggen

For over two decades my work on social and environmental challenges is rooted in the strong believe, that markets drive systemic change and that social and environmental sustainability foster innovation and competitiveness in every organisation. To strike this balance of prosperity and sustainability is vital to every society’s and organization’s successful development alike and it is what motivates my work as partner at IMPACT RELATION.

Here, I develop and implement for- and non-profit strategies and business practices that are equally competitive and high-impact. And I work with social enterprises, foundations, private donors and their intermediaries in evolving and delivering their philanthropic vision and impact.


Are you curious? Or ready to start changing the way you do business? Please contact us!